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Product feedback

How to make reclamation or customer feedback.

Jyki Oy has a new online service for documentation of reclamations, warranty cases and customer feedback. The service is produced together with Toyme Lab Oy.

Your information
Contact information is necessary in case we need contact you regarding e.g. the reclamation

Topic, Title and Department
There is only one selection, Reclamation or customer feedback for Topic. For Factory click “Längelmäki”.
For the Department you should select either Reclamation or customer feedback. Reclamation is notification of faulty trailer or broken part. Customer feedback is for pointing out e.g. good service.

Customer´s information
Updated information is necessary for us to provide good service for the customer. Add here the email address of that person who you want to be contacted when the notification is closed.

Trailer´s information
Trailer information is important for us to find the right parts and documentation. Registration date and trailer mileage is necessary for warranty handling.

Reason of reclamation
For the reason of reclamation you should select that category which is related to the notification. You can choose only one category.

Here you must describe the reason for reclamation or customer feedback as precise as possible. List here also all the damaged parts and part number, if possible.

When the decision of reclamation is done, the person who has done the notification will receive an email about the decision.

You can enter to the feedback and reclamation form by clicking this




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