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Jyki Ultra Low

A new generation timber trailer

The largest timber trailer manufacturer in the Nordic countries applied its over 50 years of experience into designing the future of timber transport: Jyki Ultra Low is a truly Finnish fixed frame timber trailer for the new generation. Thanks to the optimized and durable structure, the load space of the trailer is maximized and the parasitic load gained from piled up snow, sand, or other such sources is minimized.

Very large load space

As a result of long development and thorough testing, we have been able to lower the height of the trailer chassis to a very low level. Thanks to the new frame structure, the height of the trailer chassis with a tire size of 265/70R 19.5” is only 1030 mm. As a result, the maximum possible bunk height is 3350 mm, and the total height of the trailer will still remain under 4.4 meters.

Ride height according to the terrain

The Jyki Ultra Low timber trailer with air suspension has two positions for ride height. In difficult terrain, maximum benefit from suspension and important extra cents in ground clearance are obtained by raising the ride height. When driving on the road, lowering the suspension lowers the trailer’s center of gravity and makes the combination more stable and safer.

Decrease parasitic load

The redesigned Jyki Ultra Low timber trailer has an improved flow through its frame structure, which reduces the parasitic load of snow, ice, sand or dust. This way, more payload is achieved in all situations.

The Jyki Ultra Low timber trailer is available with both air suspension and mechanical suspension. RSS, ie. Road Stability Support, in the braking system improves road safety.

Accessories such as telematics

Remote monitoring of the trailer unit

Possibility to read the fault code remotely

Mileage, load, location and route information remotely

Brake pad wear and tire pressure monitoring

Standard accessories

Battery Light System

Light indicator for long trees

6 x LED work lights

Tire size 265/70R 19.5”

Chassis height 1030 mm

Timber trailer with optimized design

Maximum load space

On the road you can enjoy a lower center of gravity and the safety it provides.

Off-road you get the maximum benefit from suspension on uneven terrain and greater ground clearance.

The redesigned rear reduces the parasitic load.

Comprehensive lifecycle services

Jyki’s own maintenance enables high-quality lifecycle services. Our spare parts sales use the same original installation components as are used in new products. Jyki products also retain excellent resale value; the Jyki text on the side or the rear of the trailer is a sign of its price-quality ratio and low life cycle costs.