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Trailers for challenging conditions


Over 50-year experience in manufacturing guarantees the best product for our customers


Trailers are made according to the wishes of the customer

Customer Oriented Approach

Solutions developed in collaboration with our customers ensures the best functionality

Jyki Trailers

Delivering Superior Customer Satisfaction

Jyki – the Forerunner that takes transportation to a whole new level

50-year-long experience of manufacturing trailers for challenging conditions together with our continuous research and development ensures the best possible product to our customers

Our best known products are timber trailers for transporting timber, gravel trailer for transporting soil and gravel. Swapbody trailers for transporting a number of different cargo.  Jyki also manufactures trailer chassis for other business needs as well as other manufacturers.

Jyki Oy

Jykintie 10
FI-35400 Längelmäki

Tel. +358 20 761 9100

E-Mail: jyki(at)jyki.fi

Personnel E-mail: firstname.lastname@jyki.fi

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Jyki Oy

Jykintie 10
FI-35400 Längelmäki

Tel. +358 10 202 2400

E-Mail: jyki(at)jyki.fi

Business ID 1510807-3

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